18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD

Model: B008
The world's lightest, smallest
15x zoom, with PZD (Piezo Drive)
autofocus and VC image stabilisation
Piezo Drive Low DispersionAsphericalVibration Compensation

In addition to being the most compact and lightest lens in the world1 with 15x magnification, the Tamron 18-270mm high-power zoom lens boasts the PZD (Piezo Drive) internal autofocus drive, Tamron's first standing wave ultrasonic motor system. Angle performance is virtually guaranteed with an unshakable new2 VC (Vibration Compensation. All that and with a 62mm filter diameter and weighing in at 450g3, this lens is the cumulation of uncompromising research and development to make a lightweight, compact, all-in-one super zoom lens.

The trailblazing PZD (Piezo Drive) delivers smooth, quick autofocus. Combined with VC (Vibration Compensation), this is a winning partnership delivering clear, stable shots even in low light or at the telephoto end. The overall lens size is reduced, easing your ability to capture clean, clear images of high resolution.

The result: express yourself without limits. Whether you're toting it to a casual picnic or an off-road mountain biking expedition, this is a high-powered zoom lens that's not only versatile but also light and compact. At the telephoto end, the 18-270mm is ideal for sports shots or when using distance to capture wildlife in habitat or natural expressions on subjects who normally be overly conscious of the camera. Whether on vacation or in your own back yard, the wide end gives you the tools to shoot expansive landscapes. Every angle for photographic expression and all in a lens that delivers sharp, clear photos.

And yet, measuring 88mm from mount face to the tip of the lens, and 74.4mm in diameter with a filter diameter of 62mm – and weighing in at just 450 grams – it's also a remarkably compact, highly portable lens.

  1. For SLR camera high-zoom-ratio lenses with 15x magnification capability as of December 2010.

  2. PZD (Piezo Drive) is a standing wave ultrasonic motor system developed by Tamron. The motor is faster and quieter than DC motors when the AF drive is operated, and compared with arc-type ultrasonic motors, it has an actuator that facilitates lens design and reduced size.

  3. The Sony mount is not equipped with the VC image stabilisation mechanism, as the body of Sony's digital SLR cameras has a built-in image stabilisation function. Consequently, the lens with a Sony mount is referred to as the 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II PZD and does not include the VC description.

*For SLR camera high-zoom-ratio lenses with 15x magnification capability. Current as of December 2010. (Source: Tamron).

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